What are the prices for your services?

For residential pest control services, you can get pricing online right NOW by visiting https://buy.pestrol.com/.

For Commercial clients contact your local Pestrol Branch office to schedule your FREE onsite consultation. Your highly trained Pestrol specialists will be able to inspect your premises, assess the situation, develop a low cost scientifically proven customized solution.

How do I know if I need an exterminator?

That answer is very simple. If you see a roach, ants or even a mouse, those are the signs an exterminator is needed. We always suggest using a professional when a pest problem arise. The knowledge of a trained professional will be crucial to solving a pest problem.

I’m waking up with bites. What do I do?

If you are waking up with marks on your body and feel they are insect bites you need an inspection. Our Pestrol specialist will inspect your premises to determine if insects are the cause of the marks/bites on your body.

I think I have bed bugs. How can I be sure?

You may notice bites on your body that look like welts. You may also see the bed bugs themselves, small bloodstains, or dark spots from their droppings. In light to moderate infestations it is often hard to find them because they hide in or near beds, on other furniture, and in cracks. It is always best to have professional inspect your home.

Do you provide bed bug extermination service? If so, how much does it cost?

For residential bed bug control services, you can get pricing online right NOW by visiting https://buy.pestrol.com/ .

Do Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs really work?

We can only answer this question based on our K9 service. Pestrol’s Bed Bug K9 Detection Service can locate the presence of odor of live bed bugs and viable eggs with up to 95% accuracy compared to a human search which yields results of 17% - 30% accuracy.

If I find bed bugs, should I throw away my mattress and furniture?

It is NOT necessary to throw away your mattress or furniture. Most items can be treated, and we suggest getting a bed bug proof mattress cover. If you do decide to throw away your furniture, we suggest you completely wrap furniture and mattresses before discarding them to avoid spreading the problem to other areas. You should not put new furniture into a room until you are sure the bed bugs have been eradicated.

How do I choose a pest control company?

You will find that no two companies are the same. Here are a few questions to ask a company.

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What is your protocol for treatments? A good company has a plan for their services.
  • Do you offer a Warranty or Guarantee for services you perform? A company that has success with their treatments will usually offer some type of warranty.
  • Has your company treated for the type of pest I am dealing with?

Do chemicals have a real bad odor?

It is possible to have an odorless treatment and possibly use no pesticides. Based on your service our first choice would be the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach which minimizes the use of pesticides.

How long do I have to stay out of the premises?

All depends on your service, for example: On a rodent control service it is not required for you to stay out of your home.

My current provider has been spraying my facility for a pest problem, but the bugs keep coming back. What’s the problem?

Spraying alone would eliminate a few critters but won’t fully resolve a pest problem. In order to effectively resolve a pest problem, one needs to corner pests into an area where our control measure would be more effective. We do this by first identifying and then eliminating pest access into needed resources. Only then can our control measures be successful.

What can I expect during a Pestrol Service visit?

Our fully trained technicians will:

    We will find the conditions keeping pest striving in your home or business.
    Red Zone consist of areas currently infested with pest or areas in which resources are available.
    We will work with you to ELIMINATE these conditions keeping pest in your home or business.
    Your home or business will be treated to eliminate pests where they live and breed.
    Your home or business will be monitored and maintain pest free.