Our Integrated Pest Management Plans are designed to prevent and/or suppress pest populations. They are customized for your specific needs, location and operations. No location is too big or too small to implement an effective Integrated Pest Management Plan.

All pest management efforts need to be planned and measured in order to receive the maximum benefit for the services provided. This can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars in the long term.

Pest become a problem in any establishment due to pest accessibility to needed resources and in some cases pesticide resistance. These accessible resources need to be identified and made inaccessible or eliminated only then would we experience effective results.

“Being dependent on rodenticides, and/or insecticides will not solve a pest problem. Pest will continue to thrive with this kind of mentality”



We begin with a thorough inspection and identify what areas are currently infested with pests and what resources are available to them. These resources are what is keeping pest striving in your home or business. We would assign zones to your home or business. Red Zone consist of areas currently infested with pest or areas in which resources are available.



We would give specific recommendations on what procedures should be implemented before, during and after treatment. These recommendations could be in the form of implementing new sanitation techniques or structural repairs. We also offer a wide range of services including cleaning and structural repairs to accommodate your budget and necessities.


After we have identified which resources pest have compromised, we would implement our control measures before and during the implementation of our recommendations. These control measures would be in the form of vacuuming live or dead insects, trapping rodents before sealing openings, caulking cracks & crevices, wall treatments, ect.



A pest monitoring plan would be implemented, and all pest activity will be documented. If possible, the age and gender will be noted. This documentation would help measure our pest management efforts including predict possible level of infestations if additional measures are not taken.


Once pest has been eradicated and monitoring plan implemented, we would adjust the Integrated Pest Management plan depending on customer needs and operations. This is what we call the Pestrol Shield.