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Even the most well maintained establishment can experience a problem with pest. Food and beverage processing establishments have the resources pest need to not only survive but thrive, which is why pest will fight to maintain their presence in an establishment.

Pestrol, Inc. understands the challenges of dealing with pest and the need for an establishment to have an Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM) Plan tailored to the individual establishment. A plan that will solve pest problems and prevent new ones. A Pestrol plan could shield your establishment from pest.

Your IPM Plan is developed in writing and details the pest control service and protocols to be provided. Having a plan allows us and the customer to monitor the success of services being provided.

Pestrol, Inc. will also assist in keeping you in compliance with health code regulations in your establishment, preventing fines and the down time pest presence can cause.

Maintaining an A grade with the Department of Health is always good business practice.

Trust the Pestrol Shield.

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