Don’t feel like being in a contract. We offer ONE-TIME pest control services for a variety of pests. Our GOAL is to resolve your pest problem with one service.

Available services for ONETIME pest control:


For greater pest coverage we recommend our ANNUAL pest control package. This package includes a warranty and control for roaches, rats, mice, flies and house ants. Treatments are performed 4x per year but if at any-time pest appear “WE KEEP COMING BACK AT NO CHARGE UNTIL PEST ARE GONE”.

Our service technicians would perform pest control services during:


Our services are designed to put a stop to pest reproduction which spikes during the spring.


Pest activity peeks during the summer because of the voracious eating habits.


Harborage starts in the fall and continues as temperature cool down making treatment of entry points priority.


Conservation of energy and resources during the winter makes our wall treatments and crack & crevice applications a must while pest is vulnerable.

Pest Covered for our ANNUAL PEST CONTROL

Roach Control Treatment


Pestrol stands behind their work. If pest reappear after treatment, we will dispatch a technician to your home at NO COST. “WE KEEP COMING BACK UNTIL PEST ARE GONE”. If warranty is not included in service, warranty must be purchased separately


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