Even the most well-maintained establishment in New York City can experience a problem with pest. Commercial pest management is essential to maintaining a pest free environment.

At Pestrol our commercial pest control experts understand the challenges of dealing with a pest infestation in a commercial property. We provide a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM) tailored to custom fit each individual establishment.

Integrated pest management plans address solving existing pest problems and preventative long-term pest control solutions. IPM Plans are developed in writing and details the pest control service protocols to be provided. Having a plan allows us and the customer to monitor the success of services being provided by our control experts.


Pest control in NYC is not an easy task and not all pest control companies take an aggressive integrated pest management approach, but with 20 years of experience, Pestrol has been successful at getting rid of pest activity.

Our 5 Point pest management evaluation would pin point the causes to your ant problem and prevent new ones. Our pest control experts will:

1. Find the source

 We will find the conditions keeping pest striving in your home or business.

2. Assign Zones

Red Zone consist of areas currently infested with pest or areas in which resources are available.

3. Take a Team Approach

We will work with you to ELIMINATE these conditions keeping pest in your home or business. 

4. Eliminate Current Pest Population

Your home or business will be treated to eliminate pest where they live and breed. 

5. Maintain Areas Pest Free

Your home or business will be monitored and maintain pest free. 

Learn more about the Pestrol SHIELD

and our Integrated Pest Management Plans.