What make us different?

Our bed bug inspections are vigorously performed by our technicians. We provide inspection & treatment options that are flexible for your situation. All options are constructed by our highly experienced professionals that are trained in not only the physical aspect of bed bugs, but their behavior as well.

What our inspections consist of

A bed bug can be smaller than the size of an apple seed, so to the untrained eye it can be very hard to spot. Our technicians would inspect around beds, mattresses, crevices, cracks, closets, clothes and other areas where you suspect you might have bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Magnified

Performing the inspection

Our service technicians are trained in the aggregation and behavior of all common pests, including bed bugs. Upon our initial checkup, we do not provide an effortless walk-through. Instead, we guarantee a robust inspection where our service technicians check corner to corner in the room. Using special tools to slowly and accurately inspect seam by seam in your mattress, the bed frame, box springs, clothing and furniture if necessary.

Technician Lifting Mattress

After The Inspection

We assure you that if you do have bed bugs; our skilled workers will locate them and construct the best possible plan to eradicate the bed bugs based on size of the room, level of the infestation and the movement of the pest. Determining the level of infestation would help us address the situation accurately with minimal disruptions to your lifestyle.

If bed bugs are NOT found our service technicians will lay down bed bug monitors at NO COST. These monitors would assist in catching bed bugs after molting. Learn more on the bed bug biology here.

Bed Bugs on Bed Slates

Canine Bed Bug Inspections

Check out our Bed Bug Canine Inspection page to learn more about our bed bug dog. If the use of a canine is chosen and our dog scratches on an area (armchair or a bedpost) that means we have marked evidence of bed bugs or their eggs. What happens next for the bed bug exterminator? We assess how large or small the bed bug infestation is.


Why get a bed bug inspection?

Realistically, a bed bug can land on you anytime/anywhere. While traveling the hotels, airports, and subways of the world and they can very easily start a small nest. People think since bed bugs are not known for transmitting diseases, that it’s not a serious issue. On the other hand, it is! An infestation can cause serious problems in an economy including; physical, mental and financial problems.

How can we help?

Click here to schedule your inspection or click here to find out how you can and give yourself a basic inspection, created by our pest management crew!