Pestrol Technician Treating Rodent Burrows with Dry Ice

Dry Ice & Rat Control

Dry Ice Rat Control Treatment

Rat infestations are starting to affect cities all around the globe. Although, there is a certain glamour that is attached to New York rats. These rats are remarkable survivalists and can eat anything to survive. They can also live anywhere, whether it’s in plain sight or burrows underneath the ground. This makes these pests extremely hard to get rid of and makes rat control a big problem to exterminators all around.

Common questions when dealing with these animals include; how do we prevent them from infesting our property? And, once infested, how do we eliminate them?

What is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It’s called “dry ice” because it does not melt like wet ice. Instead, dry ice converts into carbon dioxide gas. Because dry ice is extremely cold, non-toxic, and completely dry, it is commonly used to ship frozen food, medical products or to cool materials during production when refrigeration is not available. The other major use of dry ice is for dry ice blast cleaning, an effective and environmentally friendly way to clean industrial equipment. Not to mention how effective it is in terms of rat control!

How Does It Work

The dry ice is inserted into the rat burrow where rats are living. Then you would cover the burrow and as dry ice evaporates, the rats are asphyxiated, and they die. You may have to go back for a series of applications. Rare occasions rats have been able to escape. But they always return to their home. You would have come back the next day or later. By placing the dry ice underground, it keeps the dead rat bodies underground as well, decomposing and eventually becoming part of the soil.

Pestrol technician putting dry ice in rat burrow

Why Choose Dry Ice?

As anyone who has dealt with rat control can certify, one problem with traditional exterminators is getting the rats to march to their own destruction. The animals often have an unmatched ability to ignore traps and if it were easy to pick off rats they’d be long gone by this point. Despite years of attacking the problem, New York has been ranked for having the second-worst rat problem in the country.

For decades exterminators around the globe have been trying to bring the rats to their inevitable downfall. But here at Pestrol, we can bring it to them! In one 2017 demonstration, dry ice was able to kill 12,000 rats in a single park.

Is Dry Ice Safe?

The use of dry ice is a non-abrasive process, meaning that it won’t cause damage to surfaces or equipment. Dry ice is also relatively safe, as operators aren’t exposed to grit media or harsh chemicals. It’s also not as labor intensive as other forms of rodent control. Not to mention it the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), has approved of the use of dry ice in public areas such as parks (for rat control) because it poses no harm to the children that may be playing nearby, or even the birds and their pray that live in the area.

Why Us?

The withdrawal of pests permanently is a practice that we here at Pestrol take pride in. We provide highly effective treatments for your home or business with long term results GUARANTEED! While the trapping of these animals do seem to be effective, studies have shown it to be a temporary fix that will only get bigger in the end. By combining the installation of Pestrol’s dry ice and rodent control treatment your home or business will be protected and bear the mark of the Pestrol Shield.

Long story short, before turning to popular DIY methods of pest control, contact us and take advantage of our free estimates. Our highly experienced/trained technicians will ensure your home or business is safe and secure from rodents.

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