Rats are generally small animals. A typical rat, Rattus norvegicus or the Norway rat, is about 9 in (23 cm) from the nose to the base of the tail when fully grown and weighs about 2 lb (1.8 kg). One of the largest species, the southern giant slender-tailed cloud rat Phloeomys cumingi, has a head-body length of 19 in (48 cm) and a tail that ranges between 8-13 in (20-33 cm) long.


MOUSE CONTROL Mouse control is not just placing a few sticky traps within your home or business with hopes of getting rid of a current mouse population. You may be able to trap a few mice using this method but would never fully eliminate an established mouse population. If mice have been present in your […]


Controlling rats within your home or business may be more challenging than one might think. You may be able to trap a few rats placing sticky traps or snap traps but to fully eradicate an established rat population within your home or business this method won’t work. There is the possibility you are dealing with […]