Restaurant & Bar
A pest infestation can be a serious threat to any food establishment and even the most well-maintained restaurants and bars in New York City can experience a problem with pest.
Hospitality & Lodging
When guest check into a hotel they expect to check into a pest free room. In the current times of online reviews and customer feedback a customer’s experience can be read by...
Food & Beverage Processing
The food processing industry has high standards when it comes to pest management; more importantly, so do your customers.
Implementing an effective Integrated Pest Management Plan during the construction and or demolition phases of any project will provide a significant benefit in the future pest control needs
Office Building
Pest in an office environment can cause major disruption and slow down productivity. A good pest management plan would prevent pest from finding residency in your offices.
Manufacturing & Warehouse
Manufacturing and warehouses often have multiple entry points that leave your business vulnerable to pests. But the last thing you need to do is risk contamination.
Health & Pharmaceutical
When it comes to the maintenance and the improvement of mental health, innovation or manufacturing of a medication there should be an understanding..
Retail & Shopping Center
From a few hundreds to a few thousand visitors per day the probability of pest being introduced into your establishment is very high.
Property Management
Owners and property managers must provide residents with a healthy and pest free living environment. In order to achieve this pest free environment...
Educational Facilities
We understand that providing students a learning facility free from pest is a MUST. This is why Pestrol, Inc. will customize an effective Integrated Pest....
We are a certified Minority Business Enterprise within the City of New York. Choosing Pestrol means supporting minority owned operations.


Crawling Insects
Ants, Centipedes, Cockroaches, Clover Mites, Crickets, Earwigs, Millipedes, Pillbugs, Silverfish, Spiders, Springtails
Norway Rat, Roof Rat, Wood Rat, House Mouse, Deer Mouse, White Footed Mouse
Flying Insects
Boxelder Bugs, Bees Nest, Wasps Nest, Flies, Mud daubers
Bait Stations
Service and maintain rodent bait stations. (Only bait stations installed by Pestrol)
Detailed Service Reports
Detailed documentation of pest findings and conditions conducive to pest
Pestrol Mobile
Electronic reporting, real time check in, room by room tracking and reporting, customer portal and much more
Stored Product Pest
Eliminate current population and routinely monitor for conditions which can cause stored product pest problems
Service Warranty
We keep coming back at no additional cost until pest are completely gone
Supervisory Inspections
Inspections performed by Pestrol managers and/or supervisors
Fly Light Glue Boards
Change fly light glue boards. (Only as needed)
Bed Bug Inspections
Perform visual bed bug inspections. (Only as needed)
Executive Meetings
Meet with establishment owner/manager to discuss areas of concern and service progress
Optional: Bed Bug Treatments
Perform bed bug treatments. (Only to aff ected area)
Henry Lopez

Manny and his crew responded very quickly after calling. They came to my home in New Hampton, Ny and did a thorough inspection. Manny created a plan that fit my budget and never steered from the end result of eliminating bugs and mice.


I would like to give praise to Pestrol customer service for just about always answering the phones and being so friendly. Company has a great team system to address various needs for home service, and yes they get the job done!!

M Ramirez

Extreamelly professional very honest and affordable thank you manny for getting rid of these annoying critters .. defentally recommend to anyone looking to get rid of there unwanted visitors > thanks pestrol.


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